Termite Inspections

For any householder the presence of termites spells danger and costly repair, particularly to  the structure of the house. Termites are small Subterranean insects, they live in large colonies, undetected and are known to be fond of eating wood from inside. By the time their appearance becomes noticeable it is most likely they have done extensive damage to your home. Therefore, it is essential to have an annual inspection. Long term treatment such as a Termite barrier or bating system also gives a  great piece of mind.

Swammers: Winged insects swarming round lights in early spring are termites, looking to establish new colonies.

Wings: Termites go through several stages of development. During one stage they shed their wings. Large pile of wings near electrical lights and windows are signs of their presence.

Mud tunnels: Termites live in moist soil underground and build mud tubes to connect nest and food source. We search for visible signs of mud tubes.


Detecting Termite Activity:

Derek’s Pest Control uses high end equipment, such as a Thermal Imaging Camera, Termite Tapper & Termatrac.  If your home is surrounded in trees, this makes you have a higher risk of termite infestation.

Subterranean termite colony’s are located in the root system of generally large trees. Although they can travel underground anywhere up to 100 meters away. It is strongly recommend to have your property inspected every 12 months, to avoid any further structural damage.


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